Kim Brown

Founder & Relationships & Trainee Protection Trustee 

Personal statement:

"I am passionate about bringing a level of Ethics to wrestling to ensure as a community, we are creating a safe environment for future generations. The number of friendships, life lessons and incredible memories so many of us share that only exist because of wrestling shouldn’t be cast aside from the actions of certain individuals. I hope to aid the transition to a healthier and safer environment for all fans, talents, production, media and crew members."


Experience in Wrestling: 

Kim fell in love with the art of entertainment through sport in 2005 as a Funstar for Haven Holidays. The electric atmosphere they were able to generate with wrestling was like no other act they had in the time table all year. She was hooked, she transitioned from a Funstar to full time Wrestling Presenter/MC throughout the Scottish and Northman England territories for several years. The entertainment skills she had were then tailored to the Wrestling industry, and also aided in the development of retail through entertainment. Kim's first Indie show was in 2007 in Birmingham as an announcer, where she met a different style of event and different types of fans to the camps, only engaging her further. She promoted her first show in 2009. Returning under the alias Kim Roxx in 2015 as a one-off favour for Phil Woodvine and the Pro Wrestling4U team lead, to a complete the relaunch of the Ring Announcing side of her career and to successfully build relationships. In 2017, Kim lowered her workload as she introduced her beautiful baby boy Joseph into the world and she now occasionally takes bookings in a General Manager character role or Ring Announcer.


Relevant outside experience: 

Outside of wrestling, Kim has worked in training and development for many years leading to her current role of a Business Development Manager for Avon UK, another classic brand known by generations. Within her role for Avon, she is employed to ensure year on year business growth and to work with retailers and team builders to develop their own business skills, coach to help others achieve their goals and she absolutely loves it. Meeting new people and being a part of someone’s journey to success really makes Kim happy.


Likes and hobbies: 

"Making memories with my little Prince Joey! We laugh every day and he is my ultimate reason why – why I want to make our world a better place. Me, Joey and our cat Purdey love recreating Disney classics can often be found on adventures to Chester Zoo, parks and Disneyland."