Lauren Woodward

International Relationships & Communications Trustee

Personal Statement:

“Having not come into wrestling as a fan, it is an industry that has become a passion and a pillar within my life. I have had some of the best experiences of my life in this industry, met my husband and some of my dearest friends because of it and it is something that will always be dear to my heart. The news and stories that have come out due to all the brave people that have shared their stories inspired my to accept the invitation to work with Trust., as they gave me the confidence to use my own experience of sexual abuse for the greater good, and help to make sure we eradicate any kind of abusive behaviour from professional wrestling.

I, like many others, have been deceived by people that we thought we knew, and been found to have egg on our faces for defending. To err is human, and I hope that we can assist in helping people in the industry let go of any guilt they are holding, and use their experiences to grow as people as we continue to do the same."


Experience in Wrestling:

Lauren fell into wrestling almost 10 years ago via my role at Frank PR, becoming the PR Manager for Clearvision/Silvervision and responsible for the UK PR for WWE Home Entertainment. After a year of this, Clearvision stopped working with WWE and started representing TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, so although the role remained the same, the brand changed. Even when no longer with the agency she worked through, she continued to work for IMPACT on 5 UK arena tours and work alongside Simon Rothstein on their UK marketing to this day. Lauren also represents The Fight Network UK and AXS TV UK. This led to assisting various UK based promotions with their development but to her own detriment, was never paid for the help she provided – another element of the wrestling business that she hopes to help tackle.

As well as her mainstream career, Lauren has also promoted shows with her husband (Danny Hope) under New Wave Wrestling Alliance in Manchester for 2 years, where similarly to Hollie and Kalom, they did everything they could to provide a safe working environment for everyone involved with the show without any guidelines to follow, where she can help highlight procedures that need to be put in place.


Relevant outside experience:

As well as the main career experience above, Lauren has worked within the events and live entertainment industry since she was 15, so closing in on 20 years. Events have spanned across the spectrum from huge brand launches, conferences, awards ceremonies, concerts, private events and more. Lauren is also responsible for safeguarding hundreds of volunteers of all ages, races, religions and otherwise at music festivals across the country every year, from Glastonbury to Bloodstock. She has worked with various charities all her life, including a mission to Ethiopia in 2010.



Likes and hobbies:

“I am a passionate animal advocate and adore my two furbabies, Coco (dog) and Honey (cat). I love to travel whether at home or away and adore taking our little caravan on adventures. I have been a musician since I was old enough to make noise and have been a singer and songwriter since I was about 12, which is where my main passion lies. I am obsessed with trees and a self proclaimed and proud eco-warrior! Spending time with my husband going for walks, watching our favourite shows and spending as much time as we can laughing our faces off is my favourite thing to do. I also horse ride and learn various musical instruments.”