Ross Jones

BAME community and Conduct Establishment Trustee

Personal Statement:

“I have loved wrestling since childhood, having grown up watching WWF and WCW in the late 80s. I am proud of watching the British scene develop over the past few years and seeing some amazing talent go on to do extraordinary things. As someone of mixed heritage, I am overjoyed to see the recent recognition of equal opportunities for people of all backgrounds in wrestling.

Having been a self-confessed ‘fence sitter’ in the past, I believe we need to work together to create an industry we are truly proud of, and learn from our past mistakes by taking action to ensure the safety of everyone.”

Wrestling Experience:

Ross has been part of wrestling since 2001 starting out as ring crew, then as an in-ring talent and, on occasion, wrestling manager. More commonly known as ‘RJ Singh’, he has wrestled across the country for a variety of different promotions and often visits training schools to deliver seminars. He was a part of the second season of TNA British Bootcamp, where he was a London finalist, wrestling at TV taping filmed at the famous York Hall.  In more recent years he has also transitioned into the role as a colour commentator.

Relevant outside experience:

Ross has over 18 years’ experience of working in schools as a qualified primary teacher and more recently a Headteacher of a small school. As well as being a lead in the teaching in learning of pupils, he has a range of experiences in a leadership role which includes health and safety, codes of conduct and complaints procedures.

Likes and Hobbies:

Outside of wrestling, I’m an avid reader and lover of super hero fiction, both on the page and the small screen. I live in Hertford with my wife and daughter.